What Is ProDentim?

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ProDentim is an oral or intravenous supplement that aids users in enhancing their oral health and lowering their risk of cavities, infections, and other dental issues. The composition is a chewable tablet that contains probiotic strains to enhance the user’s health.

The prodentrim company has been very committed to providing its customers with healthy supplements that are free of side effects. This is clearly shown as they are FDA-approved, GMO-free, and GMP certified. Let’s take a comprehensive look at some of their ingredients and how they will benefit your overall health.

Maintaining the health of this microbiome and promoting the growth of more good bacteria is very important for preserving oral health, and this is a factor that is often overlooked when it comes to oral hygiene. In fact, when we use artificial products that are loaded with chemicals, we are damaging and destroying these microbiomes.

How Does ProDentim Work?

ProDentim is made with 3.5 billion strains of probiotics and prebiotics. So, it starts working faster than most other oral health supplements. It also contains a number of natural ingredients like mint with proven oral health-enhancing properties. It does not contain chemicals and toxins.

It's carries certain probiotic strains that are essential for natural immunity and disease prevention. They reduce inflammation, prevent dental decay, and limit the overgrowth of harmful bacteria that make the breath smell foul. It is an independent product and does not depend upon any special diet or lifestyle to show the effects.

Your teeth will become better thanks to prodetim's probiotic treatment, which also protects your gums. This product was developed by Dr. Drew Sutton to preserve dental health. It reduces the negative effects of harmful germs and stops their growth.


Benefits of ProDentim™?

Here are some of the benefits of ProDentim:

*It maintains ideal teeth and gums health using the probiotics inside

*It comes in an easy-to-use form, is practical, and is more useful than other dental remedies

*It has no allergens or genetically modified organisms inside

*Improve the upper respiratory system by eliminating bad breath

*Make your immune system and digestive system stronger

*It might help whiten teeth and prevent dental diseases.

*Could help stabilize mood levels.

*You’ll get rid of the bad breath issues

*It will furnish you with healthy, shiny white teeth and an assured, confident smile towards others

*The natural probiotic strains help enrich the good flora in your mouth and give you renewed breath

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ProDentim Supplement Ingredients

ProDentim contains 3.5 billion probiotic strains that are capable of promoting better oral health.

Let’s check out all the key PreDentim ingredients:

  • Lactobacillus Paracasei:

  • It helps maintain the condition of your gums and assists in maintaining open, clear sinuses. This bacterial strain, which help clears the plaque resulting in periodontal disease, might help your mouth regain a healthy oral balance.

  • Lactobacillus Reuteri:

  • L. Reuteri is a probiotic that is found in many mammalian digestive systems, including humans’. Because it’s so commonly found in mammalian guts, scientists have been led to believe it is an integral part of the digestive system. This probiotic has many positive effects on the digestive system’s health, including reduced nausea, reduced plaque on teeth, stimulation of the immune system, decreased symptoms of IBS, reduced infant colic, and reduced the population of bacteria that cause a cavity. It also helps with oral health as it blokes the growth of S. mutans which can cause cavity and tooth decay.

  • M-18 BLIS and K-12 BLIS:

  • Probiotics BLIS M-18 and BLIS K-12 are both important for oral health. It guards against infectious organisms in the gums, teeth, and respiratory tract. An imbalance of these two can lead to allergic reactions, gum disease, and respiratory disease.

  • Mint:

  • Both peppermint and spearmint mint are used in the production of ProDentim and Dentitox Pro. Peppermint is a menthol-containing herb that is used in a variety of ways. Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits of peppermint oil, tea, and supplements containing it. It contains nutrients that can help lower blood sugar levels and balance hormones.

  • Lactis BL-04:

  • Your oral and intestinal microbes' balance is maintained in part by B.lactis BL-04. ProDentim seek to improve a sound respiratory system. Even the essential ability to increase immunity is preserved by a healthy mouth cavity. It lessens the amount of infection caused by gut bacteria.

  • Peppermint And Spearmint:

  • Proper doses of Peppermint are included in the supplement to increase the efficiency level of the product. The natural anti-inflammatory effects of Peppermint make the product an ideal option for reducing oral inflammations and gum bleeding. These are key ingredients of ProDentim that are behind the outstanding results offered by the supplement. As you start using the supplement, you consume potent doses of all these ingredients to benefit your overall oral health and the condition of your teeth. Spearmint also known as common mint is a plant that is native to Southeast Asia and Europe. Spearmint is commonly used to maintain breath freshness and also keep your mouth healthy. Spearmint can also help with toothache, sore throat, and the common cold.

  • Inulin:

  • Apart from all the advanced oral probiotics listed above, Inulin is also found in ProDentin oral probiotic candy in adequate doses. It promotes good oral health aside from other benefits. The ingredient promotes early satiety and stomach fullness to make you feel full easily. Also, the ingredient makes it possible to normalize the levels of cholesterol inside your body so that you don’t suffer from a heart issue. The ingredient also makes it easier to eliminate the chance of stomach infection and other issues related to digestion.

  • Malic Acid:

  • malic acid, which is found in various food sources. There are numerous studies confirming its role in maintaining microflora, including gut, vaginal and oral microflora. It also improves skin health, making it shiny, moisturized and rejuvenating in case of damage. And these benefits are particularly helpful for people with acne-prone skin that needs inside healing to enjoy good skin.

  • Tricalcium Phosphate:

  • Tricalcium phosphate possesses other health benefits, too, like it takes very good care of people’s digestive system and digestive tracts. Tricalcium phosphate is a vital mineral that remains present in several foods, including beverages, cereals, and bread.

How To Take ProDentim Supplement?

Each ProDentim bottle comes with a 30-day supply. You need to consume a single tablet daily for the best results. We recommend you buy either a 3 or 6-bottle package as they deliver with free bonuses and have great discounts. Also, manufacturers suggest you use this supplement regularly for at least 3 to six months for the desirable results.

Why Choose ProDentim Supplement?

Made In USA

Made In The USA

Each batch is manufactured in a US-based facility.


Quality Tested

Each batch is tested to ensure that the label corresponds with what’s inside the bottle.

Free Shipping

FREE Shipping

You don’t pay for anything else but the product.



Vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

ProDentim 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Your order today is covered by our iron-clad 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not impressed by the transformation of your gums and teeth or you don’t admire your Hollywood-star smile, then at any time in the next 60 days write to us and we’ll refund every single cent.